2020 Social Media Demographics: Where Are Your Ideal Customers Playing?

2020 social media demographics

Did you know that there are 2.8 billion people using social media around the world?  Wow.

For a business, just ‘being’ on social media doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hit your target audience, so where are your existing and potential customers playing in the social space?  We take a look at 2020 Social Media Demographics with this handy infographic from the team at Leveragestl has pulled together the key demographics and usage characteristics for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.



leverage social media user statistics 2020

Not sure how to maximise any of the above platforms for your business?  We can help with social media coaching, social media training, or social media management services!  Just give us a call, and we can start with coffee.

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