Can I turn my Facebook Page into a Closed Group?

Turning a facebook page into a group

“Can I turn my Facebook Page into a Closed Group?”

This is the number one question we get through the Digital Marketing AOK website messenger window every single week:

can i turn my facebook page into a closed group


And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…..


You can’t turn a Facebook Page into a Closed / Private / Secret Group.


What you can do though, is create a Closed Group that is linked to your Page, and invite your Followers to join that Group.

How do I create a Closed Facebook Group for my Facebook Page?

If you’re the Admin on your Facebook Page, all you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Page
  2. In the left column, underneath your profile picture, select GROUPS. If this isn’t visible, you might need to manage your Page’s tabs and sections, and then go back to your Page to find the Groups tab.
  3. Click Create Group.

Voila! Group created. But how do we make it closed/secret/private?


Making sure your Facebook Group is Closed

There are two clear options when it comes to the privacy of your Facebook Group: Public or Private.

For the most part, we get asked about the Private option which is a Group where only members can see who is in the Group, and what they post.

However, there are two types of Private Facebook Group: Visible and Hidden.

Visible Groups are those that can be found by anyone on Facebook, and those people can then request to join.

Hidden Groups are those that can only be found by members.

Facebook Group Privacy Options



How do I get my Followers into my Closed Facebook Group?

You can certainly do organic posts on your Facebook Page inviting people to join the Group, you could email your database (if you have one) and invite them the join the Group.

If you have a verified page, you can also upload a CSV file to invite your Page fans.

You can also individually invite your Followers:

  1. Go into your Group
  2. On the right-hand side under ‘People who like [your Page name], click Invite


And there you go, it’s as simple as that!


Are you still wondering whether your business or brand needs a Facebook Group or not? Check out our blog: Does your company’s Facebook Page need a Closed Facebook Group?

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