Carefully thought-out and well-written copy is critical to holding the readers’ attention and encouraging them to explore beyond the first interaction with your digital channels.

Copywriting for digital marketing in particular is an artform, and depending on the platform, it can be very challenging for someone who isn’t used to packaging information twenty different ways.

While good imagery might be the first thing to grab someone’s attention, great copywriting can help with building stronger connections with your followers, customers, and potential customers. It can also help with improving your rankings on Google, and increasing conversion rates on landing pages!

Why do we offer copywriting services?

Often businesses outsource this aspect of their marketing function because not everyone is a wordsmith, and digital copywriting comes with extra layers of complexity from a search engine optimisation perspective.

Digital Marketing AOK’s team of content and copywriting specialists will work with you to ensure that your written words are:

What can we write copy for?

Copywriting adelaide

Over the years we have providing copywriting services in Adelaide and Australia for many of our clients across many different industries.

We can write copy for:

As digital copywriters we specialise in writing copy for your digital platforms. Working with Digital Marketing AOK means you can leave the interviewing, researching, and editing in our hands. We even create or source the relevant images to go with your copy, so it is all taken care of. All that is left for you to do is proofread the final draft and approve for distribution to the agreed channels.

So if you feel like your digital channels are a little flat and your text could use the human touch, reach out and we can start with a coffee to see how our expertise can best support you in achieving your social media and digital marketing goals.