Digital Marketing Services.

When Digital Marketing AOK was born in 2012, it started as a specialist social media marketing agency.

In 2016 when we added some wonderful new team members, we also added additional skillsets to the business, which in turn has allowed us to provide a full range of digital marketing services to businesses in Adelaide, and Australia.

A multi-layered approach to marketing

There are no cookie cutter solutions to digital marketing, and every client has different needs and requirements to assist with executing their marketing plans, and achieving their business goals.

If you’re a start-up with a completely new to market product that you are selling online, maybe it’s some Facebook advertising so you can reach those people who have children of a particular age or who are interested in a particular sport, tied in with remarketing on the Google Display Network so you can try to convert those people who didn’t buy on their first visit to your website?

If you’re a well-known player in your space with an ageing customer base, maybe you need to access some fresh markets through targeted YouTube ads and a segmented email marketing campaign?

Over the years, we’ve seen it all, and we know what combinations of digital marketing activities work best together to support you in achieving your business goals. We delight in getting to know and understand your business, and then coming up with the combination of solutions that will work.

Digital marketing adelaide

As one of Adelaide’s largest specialist digital marketing agencies, we have cut our teeth on some of the most complex industry niches you can imagine. So whether it’s the agricultural sector, tourism and hospitality, health or financial services – we have proven track records of getting them the results they were looking for, and then some.

If it’s global markets you are looking to access for your business, then we have you covered there too! We run targeted social media advertising, Google Ad, and email marketing campaigns into Turkey, America, the UK, and Africa.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing adelaide

Back in your other marketing activity and get your business to the top of the results when your customers are actually looking for you, on the biggest search engine in the world.

Digital marketing adelaide

Email marketing, when done right, can form a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Our team can assist with creating email marketing campaigns that will yield consistent results for your business.

Digital marketing adelaide

Crafting copy for your marketing collateral – whether it be social media advertising, email marketing, blog articles, or website content – isn’t always easy. We can help with crafting copy that is easy to read, and encourages action from your readers.

Digital marketing adelaide

If you’re holding an event for your business or brand, you want to make sure you leverage the reach and efficacy for your brand for as long as possible. We have a suite of digital marketing services that are tailored to making the most of your event.

SEO services Adelaide


Search Engine Optimisation includes activities both on and off your website to assist in your website ranking higher in Google for particular search terms that are relevant to your business. Digital Marketing AOK can assist with SEO Management for you and begin with a video audit of your website followed by keyword research, and then keyword planning and page integration.

For anything else you need to support your digital marketing activity that doesn’t fall under our service offering, we have aligned ourselves with a collection of trusted and reliable providers that can help with anything from website design, SEO, printing, branding, videography, commercial photography, and more.

Our team of digital marketing solutions architects are here to help design and plot a path for your online success!