Facebook Verification for Business Pages: What it means & how to get it

Facebook Verification for Business Pages

Facebook Verification for Business Pages: What it means & how to get it

Ever wondered why some Facebook pages have a blue tick icon next to their profile name, while yours has nothing? It means their page has been verified and here’s why yours should be too.

While it may be something you’ve never thought about before, Facebook verification for business pages is actually quite important and is definitely something you should look into.

Blue Ticks

Beyonce-Facebook-verified              Coca Cola Facebook Verified

A blue verification tick that appears next to some profile names indicates that Facebook has officially verified the account and can confirm it is an authentic account of a prominent public figure.  These ticks are generally only seen on accounts that are of the highest popularity/most public concern, such as big time celebrities, sports stars, official government agencies and internationally renowned companies. With that in mind, these blue ticks certainly aren’t available to everyone!  Pages will only be eligible for this tick if they can prove their authenticity and meet Facebook’s verification requirements.


Grey Ticks

Owl Financial Management Facebook verified

Grey ticks on the other hand were previously readily obtainable verification notes for businesses that helped their social media presence in a number of ways. Pages previously were eligible for a grey tick if your Page’s category is Local Business, Company or Organisation. Grey verification badges were removed in October, 2019 with the company seeking to focus on other ways for business pages to show their authenticity.

How do I get Blue Tick verified?

Getting verified has recently changed, but it is still quite a simple process!

Previously, this option was available in page settings under page verification, but that has recently been removed. Once logged into Facebook, you can go here (https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/342509036134712) to complete a Blue Tick verification request form. Fill out the same form for all verification requests.

Facebook Verification for Business Pages


So Facebook Page Verification is a quick and easy way look a little more professional in the eyes of Facebook users, which may be existing customers or even potential new customers.

If you’d like help with your Facebook Page Verification – the Digital Marketing AOK team are just a phone call or email away.


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