Instagram Introduces Web Embedding

Today Instagram announced the introduction of web embedding.  What does this mean to you? Well, it now allows you to embed your favourite pics (or vids) straight to your web page or blog and tell the visual story that you wish to tell.

Embedding your favourite image onto your web page or blog is very simple.  All you need to do is hit the new share button and copy and paste the text directly to your page.  It is really that easy.  Embedding an image isn’t new to most people but is considered a big step for the once smartphone only application.

Instagram Introduces Web Embedding



Instagram Introduces Web Embedding


What sets this apart is once embedded everyone will clearly see that you own the image. The image will state your Instagram profile username and will direct you to your Instagram page when someone clicks the IG logo. This assures brands and individuals alike that you will get the recognition as the original source, and those concerned about their private account, Instagram has stated it will remain this way unless it’s public.


Added with the recent addition of 15 second videos, and Instagram has certainly stepped up to become the preferred medium for visual marketing, and Vine has certainly taken a big hit with this change.  However being able to upload it direct to Twitter certainly hasn’t discounted this application just yet.  Rest assured the visual application battle isn’t over yet by any stretch, and the winners at this point is definitely the consumer.

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