Instagram to release the feature we’ve all been waiting for – the Regram button

Regram button

As reported by The Next Web, image and video-sharing social media giant Instagram is currently testing a few new features that will hopefully be rolled out in over the coming weeks and months – including a Regram button.

The Regram Button for Instagram
The Regram Button on Instagram. Image Credit:


This is news that will excite many users, because as it stands Instagram has no public ‘share’ facility on images.  Unlike it’s counterpart Facebook, if you see an image you like, you can’t just click ‘Share’ and post to your own timeline.

Regramming has led to many issues over the years, with Instagram images being shared without proper credit not being given to the original image poster.

This has also led to completely separate apps like Repost and Regram being created to allow for easier regramming or sharing of Instagram images, or people using other manual workaround methods.

The new feature will not only make it easier for users to regram images they like within the app, it will also make it clearer for other users to see who the original creator of the content was.


Why Regram?

Individual users choose to regram content they like or find an affinity with, but brands choose to regram on social media for a few different reasons:

  • It provides fresh material on a regular basis
  • It gives a voice to their audience by way of user-generated content
  • It can encourage increased engagement with an audience, as they become motivated to post shareable content
  • It generates positive brand advocacy, and in turn brand loyalty

Brand South Australia do a fantastic job of sourcing user-generated content to showcase the amazing views around our state:


Sunbeams through the clouds – the coast of South Australia 💫 📷: @jackjbrookes

A post shared by Brand South Australia (@brandsouthaust) on


Permission & Giving Credit

Just because a user has a public Instagram account, does not mean that any images they post are fair game.  And posting a caption saying “Photo Credit: username” or similar is not an automatic ‘get out of jail free’ card either!

It is always important to get express permission to share a photo before you do it.  This can be by way of private message to the user, or even by commenting on their image to ask.

Getting express permission means you can avoid sticky situations for you in the future:  No, you can’t use my photos on your brand’s Instagram for free.


While you’re devising ways to get some user-generated content happening that you can regram, we’ll all eagerly await the official release of this fantastic new feature – the Regram button on Instagram!!  And if you’d like help with your social media and Instagram strategy – give Digital Marketing AOK a call, we’d love to help.

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