LinkedIn Feature – Helping Others to Pronounce Your Name Correctly

LinkedIn Feature – Helping Others to Pronounce Your Name Correctly

Are you one of those people with a name or surname that people tend to mispronounce?

New LinkedIn Feature  here we come

Good news though – LinkedIn has recently released a little update for those of us with tricky names to pronounce, and it’s something that’s also here to help those who are challenged in the pronunciation department!


LinkedIn Name Pronunciation Feature


This new audio recording feature is also there for those of us who want to make sure we pronounce a name properly so that we make a good impression.

Also, if you are commonly referred to by a nickname and you’d prefer for people to call you this, you may wish to add this to your recording:  “Robert Smith – but please feel free to call me Bob.”



How do I add my name pronunciation on my LinkedIn profile?

You can only add your name pronunciation recording to your profile on a mobile device (Android and iOS), but the playback feature is available on all platforms, including web browser.

Step-by-step instructions for iOS and Android can be found here:  Record & Display My Name Pronunciation on LinkedIn.

The recording has to be less than 10 seconds long, and here are some helpful tips for when you’re recording:

  • Limit your background noise and make sure it’s not an echo-y space – sometimes I find the car can be the quietest place.
  • Speak slowly, and pronounce each syllable clearly – you might be used to your name, but the person playing it back probably isn’t and they’re listening because they want to get it right.
  • Hold the phone microphone about 10cm from your face.


Let me know if you’ve used this feature before!

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