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The Challenge

This client came to us after a negative experience with a previous provider where he didn’t have a dedicated team member who understood his business, and any requested changes to the campaigns were incredibly slow to be actioned.

The client tried managing the digital campaigns himself for a period, and after a short time did not have the time and needed to offload the management of his digital marketing to a trusted Adelaide-based agency, where he would have a dedicated Account Manager. 

The Digital Marketing Solution

Taking over both the Google Ads and Facebook Advertising for this client meant that we were able to implement a funnel marketing solution.

The first step involved showing Physiotherapist video tips to our specific target audiences on Facebook.

Those who watched the original tips videos were then shown ads and directed to additional tips on the website, increasing our branded touchpoints with them while providing helpful information.

In the third layer of the funnel we encouraged these people to speak to a Physio through a private chat on Facebook Messenger. And this is where the magic happened!


In addition to the layered Facebook Advertising campaigns, we used the Google Display Network (GDN) to ensure broader coverage over our target audiences and make sure that we captured people that we might’ve missed through Facebook. The aim was to drive them back to the website by creating a sense of urgency, using special and limited time offers.

The Results

Combining the power of targeted Facebook Advertising and clever Google Ad campaigns over the last 18 months, we have been able to assist with securing an average of 115 enquiries every month for this Physiotherapist, which have converted into 50-55 new patients every month for a cost of just $3,000.

Another key improvement in the campaigns can be seen in the reduced bounce rate on the website, or the number of people who come to the website and leave immediately. By creating specific profiles of our desired target audiences and placing the ads in front of the right people, we not only improved the conversion rate, but we also reduced the bounce rate by 14% from Facebook and Google Ads sources.

Better quality traffic to the website = more conversions, and also results in lower cost per click on the campaigns.