Social Media Content.

Social Media Content

The content you create and post on social media has the power to either make your business a source of surprise and delight for your customers and future clients, or it could create a veritable ghost town.

The average Australian Facebook user spends some 10.5 hours per week scrolling their Facebook feed. Imagine how many kilometres of content they are scanning through each and every week.

If your business isn’t posting thumb-stopping content, you’re just going to become part of the white noise, and eventually your organic reach and engagement levels will drop as people become bored.

Creating the right blend of social media content to get your followers to stop and pay attention is no small feat.

Social media content that gets attention

The aim is to post something that captures the attention of your current, or your future, customers.

If you don’t invest in creating a strategy for your social media content and you just ‘post stuff’ when it pops up or when it comes to mind, then your content will often be very insipid and you’ll end up with clear gaps across your content posting cycle.

Connecting with your customers where it counts, on their platforms of choice, in ways that matter can allow you to cultivate a healthy human connection to them in a digital world.

Social media content & curation

Having a third-party agency like Digital Marketing AOK support you with your content creation for your social media and digital marketing channels means that it will always be on point, fresh and engaging.

Whether it is pretty graphics, compelling copy, or live videos with punch, we will work with you to identify a content plan that works across your chosen social platforms, ensuring the messages are as unique as both your business and its customers.

Our team of Content Solutions Specialists thrive on brainstorming creative ways to get your message out in a way that has your customers feel, connect and take action.

They are experts on not just social media content creation, but also curation. Our team will deftly research far and wide to collect third-party content pieces that are complimentary and non-competitive, that seek to augment your own original content. Our goal is to find pieces that are of interest to your followers, and support the building of your digital relationships with them.

What our social media content & curation clients have to say

Working with the Digital Marketing AOK team is an absolute pleasure. Their combination of a performance-driven approach with great professionals who are easy to work with and very responsive to assist when needed is just amazing.

Nacho Bosch

Manager, Marketing & Communications, Kudos Services

I’ve been working with Digital Marketing AOK for 12 months now and really appreciate the hard work and professionalism they offer. They’ve lifted my business profile by over 100% since we started working together and I’m grateful for their support. They are very much on trend and I would highly recommend them.

I’ve been working with Digital Marketing AOK for 12 months now and really appreciate the hard work and professionalism they offer.

Annette Tothill

Director, Annette Tothill Finance

Creating social media content that connects is an art form, and one that we have had a lot of practice in with plenty of runs on the board. If you’d like to see how we can help, give us a call or drop us a line
– we like to start with coffee.