Social Media Management.

Social media management is more than just a well-planned marketing campaign and editorial calendar.

Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, the batteries aren’t included. You can’t just sign up, pop out a few posts, sit back, and expect everything to take care of itself.

This can mean that managing your own social media – with all of its requirements – can feel a little overwhelming, particularly if you have competing business demands!

It’s also why social media management tends to be the first thing to fall to the wayside when there are time and resource pressures in a business.

Why do social media management properly?

A well-planned and managed social media marketing campaign and editorial calendar will help you reach multiple stakeholders across multiple platforms.

It can assist with many things including higher customer retention, encouraging repeat purchases, strengthening customer loyalty, and providing easy means for customer advocacy.

How do we do it?

When taking charge of your social media channels, it is imperative for us to ensure we understand your brand’s unique tone of voice on social media, the different audiences and stakeholder groups that we will be engaging with through your channels, as well as your goals for social media activity.

When working with you on your social media management, we want to:

Part of our social media management process also involves comprehensive monthly reporting. It’s not just about blindly posting, it’s important that we can assess the performance of our social media content, the level of engagement with your online communities, and then offer strategic advice on the best way forward so that we can achieve your social media goals.

Why use Digital Marketing AOK for social media management?

Digital Marketing AOK has been managing social media channels for clients across the country, since 2012. Suffice to say we have a few years of experience under our belts across all the major channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We spend all day living and breathing these channels and we offer social media training in how to leverage them, so we are always abreast of any changes that are being rolled out, and can provide timely guidance and advice to our clients on any social media opportunities that may be available to them.

By giving us the ‘keys’ to your social media channels, you’re engaging us to spend the time researching your industry and creating a blend of social media content that speaks to your audiences. This leaves you the time to focus on the other things in your business!

Who have we done social media management for?

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