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The Book

Turning Your Online Game Into Real-World Gain

Seriously Social the book is a wonderful guide for all business owners looking to leverage social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to social or an experienced player in need of re-focus, this book has something for all. Packed full of practical tips, amusing anecdotes and personal experiences Seriously Social is thoughtful, pragmatic and – most importantly – easy to understand. So whether you’re setting goals, building a content plan or looking to avoid premature solicitation, Seriously Social is seriously the book for you.

So who is Simone Douglas?

She is a Publican, and Executive Director for one of the biggest organisations in the world and the driving force behind South Australia’s leading social media agency.

Just when you thought she couldn’t do anymore, Simone Douglas decided to write Seriously Social the book.

Seriously Social – Turning your online game into real-world gain – In her first written venture, Simone explains how you can shift your virtual connections into real world relationships; putting the “social” part back into social media. In her usual style Simone has delivered a practical and down to earth read that is easy for any business owner or manager to integrate into their marketing tool kit and achieve greater success, engagement and cut through.