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The Challenge

This tourism experience provider came to us frustrated after having a horrible experience with a previous agency. This agency didn’t provide monthly reports, took over a month to make changes to ads and creatives. Moreover they didn’t report on conversions, and just focused on clicks and engagement.

This client was hesitant to give social media advertising another try, after failing to see any results from their previous agency, but eventually relented when they weren’t generating results from their other marketing efforts. 

The overarching goal was to increase the quality of the traffic to the website, thereby increasing conversions and getting them more direct bookings.

The Facebook Advertising Solution

Our experience working across multiple 3rd party booking applications like Rezdy, BookMe, Booking Manager enabled us to set up the tracking codes between the website and Rezdy so we can track all the bookings and engagements across both sites.

Because we are local, we always keep in touch with the clients on a weekly basis and update the ads when necessary. For example, during the lockdowns, we approached the client right away and worked on an action plan for the lockdown period. This helped the client to save money as well as still have ads running in the background that generated interest so when the lockdown ended, they started getting more bookings right off the bat.

Accomodation provider

immediately from preliminary checks of previous campaigns we could see that the audience targeting wasn’t right so the ads were being shown to the wrong sorts of people.

Additionally, the ad copy and creatives weren't particularly engaging, so not only were they not being shown to the right people, they weren't conveying the correct messages or offers for this client!

The Results

Through the creation of detailed target audiences on Facebook and engaging creatives, we managed to send over 16,000 users to the website and generate over $70,000 in direct bookings for tours, from an ad budget of $10,000 – in just one year.

Accomodation provider

We have sent over 16,000 users to the website for an incredible low cost of $0.19. This is 3 times lower than the industry average in Australia.

The landing page views have helped generate future interests in the business. The client has mentioned that people come back and mention that they had seen the ads last year during the lockdowns but decided to book now as they kept on seeing the remarketing ads.

Based on our experience working on tourism providers, we were able to put forward high engaging creatives and use the right tone of voice to generate ad engagement. As a result the ads have managed to get an outstanding average CTR of 4.87% which is 4 times higher than the industry average in Australia.

The ads have been seen by almost a million users with 5,500 positive reactions, 1,000 shares , 600 comments and nearly 500 ad saves.

This all shows that our ads have generated quite a buzz and has helped the brand to be showcased like never before. The client even stopped doing local newspaper ads because our ads were more targeted and they could measure the results and reach the correct audience.