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The Challenge

After completing a social media coaching session with us, this South Australian tourism provider felt they could place their Facebook campaigns in our capable hands.

The goal was to work alongside the Marketing Manager to get social media working better for their business, covering social media advertising, the Facebook Pixel, and just a general overhaul.

The Facebook Advertising Solution

We designed Facebook Advertising campaigns that were all based around our dedicated target audiences. By starting with the audience in mind as our foundational point to the campaign, we were able to tailor the design of the ads and the copy to speak directly to them on an emotive level.

The Results

In the space of just 6 months, we assisted with generating just over $75,000 in direct bookings for tours, from an ad budget of less than $5,000.

The ads certainly resonated with the audiences as we saw high levels of engagement on the posts:

Tourism provider

The posts also consistently saw high levels of engagement:

Tourism provider

The 267+ Ad Saves that we achieved is an important factor that is often missed by many advertisers. This Facebook feature enables users to save their favourite posts and offers to look over later when they have more time. This feature is particularly handy for the hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries as people often think twice before making a booking, or have to wait for the time and event. So having a hotel offer or a cruise deal saved means they are going to come back and look at it at some point, and likely convert.