Why we are
Seriously Social.

People often come to digital marketing expecting money to rain from the sky.

This happens because there is a misconceived belief that going digital is a silver bullet to solve all marketing woes. While it is true that digital marketing can be a fast and effective route to reach your target market, the reality is that it will take time to develop to yield results, just like any other tool. And just like any tool, whether it is a piece of software or a hammer, if you aren’t sure what you’re doing (or know how to use it properly), you can end up doing more damage than good.

Digital marketing is both a science and an art. It takes time to craft the perfect message that will resonate with your audience, regardless if it is for advertising or organic content.

At Digital Marketing AOK, we spend days, months, and years honing our craft. Our team devotes tremendous amounts of time to learn about every evolution, update and new platform intimately. We live, breathe, and teach these skills to others – and that means staying on top of our game at all times.

Why we are seriously social

Narrative Strategy makes your content powerful

When it comes to marketing, you need to have a strong strategy in place. We‘re not talking about how many followers you want to have, levels of engagement, how much traffic you want to the website, how many conversions you want, etc (though that is important too).

We’re talking about having a narrative strategy – the idea, the vision, the story that will drive all the messages about your business. When you have a clear idea of who you are and what your business stands for, then your organic content and your ads will have a stronger, consistent direction and will be powerful enough to cut through the noise against your competitors.

Storytelling that truly connects

The strategy is only one half of the pie – the other half is executing it in a way that connects with your audience. We have built our business, and our client’s businesses through the art of humanistic storytelling.

We have always had a firm belief that you shouldn’t trust your social media and digital marketing to people who don’t know how to be social in real life.

We regularly attend a diverse range of industry functions and host our own events to ensure that we continue to build on our emotional intelligence and capacity to communicate with different personality types.

Our campaigns are built based on DISC profiling and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to ensure that your message will resonate with people and motivate them to act – that is how you get real cut through in a world full of white noise.