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The Challenge

This client came to us after working with another provider, and had been unhappy with the results and the service provided.

He didn’t have the time or the knowledge to run the campaigns himself, he just wanted a trustworthy, local provider who would be available when he needed, and who could offer a quick turnaround on requests.

This is where we come in.

The Digital Marketing Solution

This client placed his trust in us to take control of his entire digital presence, including his Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Facebook content. We were also able to advise on updates required to the website, which gave us the ability to implement strategic digital marketing campaigns that supported one another.

One key example of how this worked were the layered Dental Implant treatment campaigns.

The goal was to secure 2-4 dental implant patients every month for 3 months. To do this we started by creating a Google Ads campaign drive traffic to the website for specific search terms relating to dental implants.

Dental clinic

The Facebook Pixel was installed on the website to track website which gave us the ability to track website visitors who didn’t enquire and then use Facebook Ads as a remarketing tool.

The Facebook Ads consisted of implant tips, and encouraged the audience to like and follow the Page. Then we used carefully crafted Facebook content to show these people the benefits of doing the implants here in Australia, rather than going for a cheaper option overseas. We highlighted the option for payment plans to spread the expense out, and covered the long-term benefits.

Dental clinic

The Results

Our Google Ads campaigns broke the previous records set by the previous manager, and we were higher in all metrics across the board.

Digital Marketing AOK Campaigns Industry Average
Click-Through Rate 7.27% 3.82%
Cost Per Click $1.15 $3.13
Our Facebook campaigns also performed extremely well, and a great sign of their effectiveness and resonance with the target audiences is that they were saved just under 100 times for later use:
Digital Marketing AOK Campaigns Industry Average
Click-Through Rate 2.80% 0.83%
Cost Per Click $0.46 $1.32