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The Challenge

This not-for-profit organisation came to us seeking assistance with a time-sensitive marketing campaign.

The client was uncertain about which platform would be best for maximum reach and garnering a high amount of donations within their allocated time frame.

The client had a modest budget and wanted to ensure they would get as many donations as possible within 35 days – the time allocated for this one-month campaign.

The Digital Advertising Solution

Our recommendation was to proceed with LinkedIn Advertising would be the best platform to reach the niche audience in the shortest time possible.

We used a mixture of audiences (both lookalikes and interest-based) and performed A/B testing to analyze which audience and creatives performed better.

This allowed us to improve the targeted audience and content each week, which was pivotal in generating the desired results within 35 days.

Our in-house team of specialists created engaging videos, posters, and other creatives. These items produced higher engagement and link clicks that directed them to the clients’ website.

Our planned LinkedIn ads strategy managed to drive over 500 visitors to the client's website and in just one month, we raised over $11,000 for this non-profit charity.

The Results

Our main goal was to help this client fundraise as much money as possible within one month.

Through A/B testing of our creatives and audiences on LinkedIn, we managed to significantly improve the results every week for this very niche animal charity.

LinkedIn marketing for not for profit
After 35 days, our ads had produced 134,000 impressions, generated 526 clicks, driven 511 total visitors to the website, and 101 donations. Our idea to opt for only LinkedIn Ads proved to be the most effective route for this client.

The final amount raised was $11,284 – from a budget of only $2000.

The key success for this client was that we were mindful of how we were spending their budget. Ensuring that it was on the right platform, tracking, and continually tweaking our ads assured that we were reaching the right people who were most likely to convert and donate.