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The Challenge

This not for profit organisation came to us with a plan in mind for its main fundraising campaign but were unable to execute it due to time and budget constraints. 

The client’s main goal was to reach their overall target of $100,000. When they approached us, the client had already raised approximately $50,000 and wanted our expertise to help them hit the remaining $50,000 within the last 40 days of their deadline.

The client wasn’t administering any other marketing efforts and was uncertain which online platforms would be the best bang for their buck to help them fundraise the remainder of the funds and hit their target on time. 

The Digital Advertising Solution

Given the client’s limited budget and short time frame, we recommended a combination of boosted social media posts and a Facebook Advertising campaign. 

This strategy allowed us to target a wider audience within the short specified timeline and reduce Facebook’s learning phase (which can be critical for campaign success). 

Our team have collaborated on these types of projects in the past, so they knew which strategies would yield the best results. We generated a significant result within just 37 days!

The concerted efforts and expertise of our team managed to drive over 1,100 visitors to their website and in just one month, we raised over $13,584 for this non-profit organisation.

The Results

Our main goal was to help this client fundraise as much money as possible within the allotted 40 days.

Our paid advertising strategy, paired with fantastic eye-catching creatives, generated fantastic results. An impressive effort considering we were given a small budget and an extremely limited time frame.

Not For profit Marketing
After just 37 days, our ads had made 181,00 impressions, generated 1,293 clicks, drove 1,100 total visitors to the website, and 151 donations. Our plan proved to be the most effective route for this client.

The final amount raised was $13,584 – produced from a modest budget of only $1500.
The main factor that drove success for this client was that we were able to bypass Facebook’s learning phase quickly, which was critical to get their ads shown to a wider audience who were most likely to donate within the 40 days.