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The Challenge

This Aussie-based manufacturer had been around for 11 years, and had Google Ads campaigns that they were running themselves for around 10 of those years. The problem was that they really weren’t sure whether their campaigns were even working.

They also knew that they needed to get into social media advertising, but had no idea where to start.

The Digital Marketing Solution

In reviewing the current Google Ad campaign structure that was being run, we found that although the campaigns were generating some revenue, the structure was all wrong.

We immediately saw opportunities for improving the campaign setup, keyword bidding, and objectives. To get things humming along, we:

To commence the Facebook advertising campaigns, we setup distinct target audience groupings in key states around Australia, with close proximity to the capital cities. We used key demographical data points to target particular sets of users, and after trialling different combinations of audiences and creatives, we started seeing sound results in just 2 months.

The Results

In the space of 7 months, the targeted Facebook ads campaigns have sent just under 60,000 clicks to the website, and this has resulted in a over $105,000 in sales so far.

Impressively the Facebook campaigns are running at a cost per click of just $0.09, and an average click-through rate of 6.32%. This tells us that the target audience is spot on, and the creatives are engaging them in the right way.

The Google Ads campaigns have to date sent just under 23,000 clicks to the website, at an average cost per click of just $0.56. This has resulted in conversions valued at just over $254,000.

But possibly the best outcome of all that really demonstrates the difference in having a professional run your Google Ads campaigns, is that we managed to decrease the amount they were spending with Google, while increasing their revenue:

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