Your 15 Minute Social Media Health Checks

There has been a plethora of the inevitable blog posts with top ways to spring clean your Social Media presence.  And I get it – I do – it’s a good cue if you have been avoiding it.  But there are some key considerations that you should have programmed monthly and quarterly to ensure that everything is up to scratch all year round.


Quarterly Review

It’s easy to get caught up in all the day-to-day things that you have to do with marketing in general, and lose sight of the finer details. Often once you have set up all your profiles on the different Social Media Networks it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day of content marketing which can be particularly time intensive.

Below are some social media health checks for each of the main platforms:


1. Facebook Business page

Facebook is by far the largest platform from a user base perspective in Australia and as such it is important that if someone comes across your page you have set it up with all of the new bells and whistles including shop and services listings if relevant. Have you set up your auto replies and responders for the message feature and whilst playing with all of this maybe check out the below as well.

Facebook Social Media for Business Health Checklist


2. Twitter

Twitter Social Media Business Health Checklist

3. Instagram

Instagram Social Media Health Checklist

4. LinkedIn

Staff Profiles

LinkedIn Staff Profile Health Checklist

Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page Health Checklist


Monthly Review

Some basic questions to look at once a month:

Monthly Social Media Checklist


If you’d like some helping reviewing your social media presence, just get in touch with Digital Marketing AOK – we’re seriously social, and we love coffee.

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