Facebook ad images are getting bigger and better

As social media specialists, here at Digital Marketing AOK we know the importance of accompanying text with images in trying to promote your business on Facebook. Well Wednesday saw good news for us Facebookers, with changes to their ads format.


Starting today, Facebook is improving the format of its ads, making images bigger and therefore more noticeable. Page post link ads are now 3.5 times larger and when images are clicked on, you’ll be taken directly to the website. This means that your images are going to be more eye catching and your website will be found easily by potential customers.


Desktop page post photo ad


“Making ad specs consistent across placements means advertisers no longer need multiple image sizes for different ad placements. These updates also give advertisers a bigger canvas to display their brand or product (we’ve seen that larger images help drive engagement and performance)”- Facebook Spokesperson announced to Inside Facebook.


Sometimes trying to keep up with Facebook’s many changes can be a challenge but this change simply represents an opportunity for businesses to get noticed. The news feed, which is more and more used for advertising, now has a stronger emphasis and as Joe McCormack, the CEO of Facebook PMD Adquant, stated ‘advertising in the news feed drives higher interactions and better results.’ He then continued to explain that Facebook has made it much easier for advertisers to find the perfect format to meet their needs.’


Example of page post link ads.


Page post link ads

And page Like ads.

Page like ads


These changes in the format of images should increase the advertising on Facebook and ultimately provide better results to advertisers.


If you haven’t yet created a Facebook account for your business then now is the time. Contact us at Digital Marketing AOK and we’ll show you the benefits of using Facebook to promote your business to the world.


Images: Facebook

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