Facebook Group Admins: New support measures announced

Facebook group admins

With a real push towards the use of Facebook Groups, the social media monolith has announced new measures are being put in place to support Facebook Group Admins.

These new measures will provide Facebook Group Admins with tools that can help them manage their communities more efficiently, but also to keep them safe.  So what are the updates?


Better support for Facebook Group Admins

Facebook are currently trialling an admin support function, where Facebook Group Admins will have direct access to report issues, or ask questions direct to Facebook.  While not available to everyone just yet, the eventual roll out will see personalised help on offer to all Facebook Group Admins, with Facebook aiming to respond to all questions within 1 business day.

Facebook Group Admins support centre
Source: newsroom.fb.com


Online education resources for Facebook Group Admins

Facebook have also created an online education resource for Facebook Group Admins.  Their words:  “You’re building a community.  We’re here to help.”  Through interviewing active Group Admins who currently manage their own communities, they’ve compiled a series of useful content with tips on things such as Post Approvals, Keeping Your Group Active, Using Group Insights to help manage your group, How to use membership request filters, and more.

The online resource can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/community.

Education resource for Facebook Group Admins


New features for Group Rules

Most Facebook Groups have community guidelines or rules in place that define how members are expected to act when participating.  Facebook Group Admins then moderate the activity on a regular basis by deleting posts and/or banning users if the need arises.  But if a post has been removed, the issue has been how to communicate this with the offending user.  Now when posts are removed, the Facebook Group Admin will be given the opportunity to advise the member which rule they broke, and they will also be able to post a note in their admin activity log so that other Group Admins can see.


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