Hashtag or no hashtag in 2022?

Hashtag or not hashtag in 2022?

The short answer: Yes, definitely use hashtags! Hashtags are an essential asset in your digital marketing toolbox.

There are some confusions related to the use of hashtags for some marketers. In this article, I will explain what is a hashtag, which hashtags are the right ones for your business and how many hashtags you should use for each social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

1. What is a hashtag?

Hashtag is a social media tool that has been around since 2007 and it was first introduced on Twitter by Chris Messina, a product designer. He designed it to connect across all different platforms.

Hashtags are words following the # symbol used to categorise and track content on social media. They allow people interested in the same topics to find each other online and to locate the right content for them. Once you publish a hashtag, it becomes a searchable link for anyone who searches that hashtag.

2. What is a hashtag used for?

Hashtags have become so powerful they can be the spark that ignites social movements as people are using them to amplify messages. (example: #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter).

For businesses, hashtags could reach niche audiences/ build community with customers or increase brand awareness. Hashtags are a powerful tool. This is something that you need to include in your social media content strategy.

3. What are the right hashtags for your business?

Finding the right hashtags is essential but to do that, it’s important to know your goal. You shouldn’t be using a popular hashtag just because everyone else is doing so as it could blacflip and hurt your brand. 

Once you define your objective, it is time to start researching relevant hashtags to your business.

Use these hashtag types for inspiration:

  • Product or service (example: #coffee)
  • Industry or community-specific (example: #BookTok)
  • Timely or seasonal (example: #tbt)
  • Location (example: #SouthAustralia)
  • Acronyms (example: #ASAP)

Creating your own branded hashtag could also be the best way to achieve your goals. You have to try it to find out as it helps build awareness overtime. You can use a range of free or paid hashtag analysis tools to monitor and evaluate the performance.

4. How many hashtags you should use

In general, stick to a few hashtags that are relevant to or describe your post. Don’t include 30 different hashtags. This won’t help your numbers and creates a chaotic look for your posts.

To determine exactly how many hashtags you should use, follow the best practices of each social platform:

On Instagram:

  • Use up to 6 hashtags per time
  • Use hashtags in your posts, comments and Stories
  • Pick hashtags relevant to your brand and community

On Facebook: 

  • Use up to 5 hashtags per post
  • Use hashtags in your posts, comments and Stories.
  • Include timely hashtags since users turn to Facebook for news and events

On TikTok:

TikTok has been a great place for hashtags. Using them on the app will definitely grow your reach.

According to Data.ai, global users spent an average of 22.9 hours per month using the app (Android app) between April and June 2022.

  • Only use 3-5 hashtags
  • Use hashtags in your videos and Stories
  • Keep an eye on trending hashtags and use them if they align to your brand

On Twitter: 

  • Only use around 2 hashtags
  • Use hashtags in your Tweets, Retweets and Replies
  • Join current conversations by using popular hashtags and jumping on trends (if this is connected to your brand)

On LinkedIn:

Don’t forget about LinkedIn. The platform is a good spot for branded hashtags and your team can also use them there.

  • Use up to 5 hashtags
  • Use hashtags in your posts + on your company page. 
  • Mix popular hashtags that are aligned to your business and also branded hashtags

Hashtags are still important in 2022 for you to build relationships with your community, increase brand awareness and reach your online goals. 

Don’t miss out on finding your audience online. In October 2022, there were 4.74 billion social media users, according to Data.ai.

Need help searching for the right hashtags for your business and improving your social media content? Get in touch with our team.

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