You want a specialist social media agency and not a generalist in your corner

“You want a specialist social media agency and not a generalist in your corner” is something I say time and again and for a very simple reason, Social Media is complex and it’s business applications are diverse and (should) vary according to your own business goals. As a specialist Adelaide Social Media Agency we are lucky to service clients all around the country and in New Zealand and the services we provide to them are as diverse as their business models.

Here’s the thing – when you work with specialists you get the best advice possible because they live and breathe their space all day long. Marketing & Communications within an organisation has to cover so many aspects now, and consider a broad number of KPI’s to quantify the return on investment on their marketing spend. This places an immense amount of pressure on the Marketing Manager within an organisation and they are often not adequately resourced, nor do they have the time to keep abreast of all of the subtle changes that are rolled out across the different platforms on a regular basis (often without big announcements and in seemingly no particular order).

The beauty of working with a specialist Social Media Agency is that our only job is to keep abreast of all these changes and provide tailored advice and coaching to our clients on their social media needs. This means you are the first to know how updates impact on your existing social media strategy and wider sales and marketing plan.

So here are 5 things that a specialist social media agency can help you with that you may not have thought of:


1. Policy development and risk mitigation protocols

Many organisations have developed a HR policy around their social media use at work, but often fail to develop guidelines around staff profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others in terms of the look and feel, as well as codes of conduct when mentioning employers. Having robust social media guidelines and providing training in line with their implementation can ensure that staff feel comfortable to become brand advocates for the organisations or businesses that they are a part of, which often forms a critical component of a successful social media strategy.

2. Organisational-specific training for Marketing or Sales teams

As the only Adelaide Social Media Agency currently offering customised training on a national basis to its clients you can rest assured that Digital Marketing AOK has the capacity to scope, build and deliver a broad and diverse number of practical hands-on sessions that fit your organisational needs. Whether it is a community capability building program empowering people to design, create or roll out grassroots positive campaigns, or you just want your sales team to understand how to use LinkedIn effectively – we have you covered, and with over 18 years in corporate and accredited training, I am well equipped to conduct a needs analysis of your organisation’s requirements.

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3.After hours account monitoring

Often we work with highly regulated and risk-averse clients who require their accounts to be monitored outside of the traditional 9-5. Understanding that queries that are raised on social channels are handled quickly and effectively within appropriate escalation protocols, means you can sleep and rest easy while we have you covered.


4. Social media advertising

This space has evolved at a rapid rate of knots, requiring serious research to stay up to date and ahead of the pack.  So do you really want someone that dabbles in Facebook ads boosting a couple of posts for you?  Realistically your Social Media Advertising should be based around key business goals supporting top of funnel, middle, and end of sales processes. This always works best if its backed in with other forms of advertising such as Google remarketing and Google AdWords.


Note: We don’t run Google ads but we have an awesome specialist partner – Robyn Koldej from The Online Director who covers this aspect for our clients, ensuring that they have a robust strategy designed to maximise their results long term. This means taking into consideration all other methods of advertising being employed across both new and traditional media to ensure bang for buck with your social advertising campaigns.


5. Digital Strategies designed to optimise your web traffic

Solid digital and social media strategies should always focus on the top line goals of the business from a growth and sales perspective. Sometimes brand awareness becomes a key component of those goals, but at its best, a digital strategy has 4 key pillars:

4 pillars of a good social media strategy

It should always always always marry in with your wider marketing and communications plan, as well as your business development and growth strategies.


6. Content Creation and Account Optimisation

We get that sometimes you are under the pump and under resourced internally, so you might just want someone to hold the “baby”, figuratively speaking. Again as a specialist Social Media Agency (meaning we only do social), we want to spend the time getting close to your brand and its authentic tone of voice. You can trust us to ensure that content fits with your current brand guidelines and that the look and feel is congruent with what’s presented on your website and in other mediums. Our job when managing your accounts is to ensure that conversations are maintained and content is researched and presented in a way that fits the wider market’s psychological subconscious expectations as to what your business is about and what it represents. Something that is often lost when you offshore your social media management.


In closing, its fair to say that there are many great agencies and consultants out there, but not many who have such a diverse and comprehensive offering in the Social Space, so whether you want some one-on-one coaching, a digital plan of attack, or just someone to make your life easier, then we have you covered. The team at Digital Marketing AOK bring a unique range of skill sets to a single table, and ensure that we are applying them in a way that is best fit for you and your business. We don’t assume and we don’t prejudge. We always start with coffee.

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Simone Douglas

Simone is co-founder and Senior Principal Solutions Architect of Digital Marketing AOK. Simone offers over 17 years in corporate management roles encompassing generalist HR recruitment and development of small to large teams across multiple sites, industry sectors and states. Experienced in a variety of social media platforms and their complimentary applications, social media strategy, risk management, disaster recovery and associated HR policies and processes.