Future Of LinkedIn Advertising in Australia 2022

Technology is ever evolving and the way social media is taking over the world only proves that the old marketing methods won’t cut it anymore. The world saw it in the year 2020 – 2021 how everything became digital and witnessed a huge spike in digital advertising. In Australia, the digital advertising sector recorded its double digit growth in FY-2021 reaching 11 billion in total spend (source)

LinkedIn is the world’s most famous and predominant social platform for B2B digital advertising. In Australia, there are approximately 13 million users on LinkedIn which makes up to almost half of its population. However, it is obvious that it is overshadowed by its competitors like facebook, instagram or snapchat even though it was established way back in 2002. It still remains to be the dominant in the networking, business and job market. But just like it’s competitors, LinkedIn is improvising as well.

I highly recommend checking out LinkedIn and its importance in your marketing mix, this is something you don’t want to miss if you advertise on LinkedIn.


Past : Earlier, all LinkedIn consisted of was case studies, webinars or lead generation tricks and tactics.

Present : Currently, there are more testimonials, good-hearted stories, better lead generation tactics, company reviews and complaints, achievements as well as business-related updates and information.

Future : In my opinion, LinkedIn would just not be about B2B marketing anymore. LinkedIn will become a blend of B2B and B2C marketing and will yield better results than its competitors due to its highly efficient targeting. Moreover, LinkedIn will be focussing on getting more content creators on its platform, keeping up with the trends.

( A Goodwin Smith ad on Linkedin )


Generally, advertising on LinkedIn will cost you more than advertising on facebook. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that facebook is better. LinkedIn is the dominant “professional” social media handle with a very well structured and widespread business network. The targeting on LinkedIn is accurate and the leads generated are more valuable than any other social media.

To learn more about LinkedIn advertising, read Linkedin : Advertising for business

According to a study by Digiday in 2019, LinkedIn advertisers are 42% more likely to increase their spending due to better results (source). Check out the graph below :


LinkedIn learning is one of the most popular linkedin services. It helps you to upskill yourself and get certified in the subject of your choice and the most in demand skills in the market. This helps in improving your skills, confidence as well as the chances of landing a job.

LinkedIn also allows you to publish long form articles from your page which helps in generating community conversations that help extend the reach of your content. This helps to raise attention to a topic, create awareness over an issue, announcement, celebration etc. No other platform allows you to post a long-form article instead of LinkedIn.

Along with changes in the reporting, LinkedIn has introduced Brand lift testing for your ads. This helps you measure the impact of your ads by surveying members in test and control groups. It also helps you better understand your audience and your brand performance. It basically measures the  brand metrics by comparing your brand perception between a group of members who’ve seen your ads and a group of members who haven’t.

LinkedIn is also catching up with upcoming trends similar to its competitors. The latest addition to it was the LinkedIn Live feature. Now, we can stream to a targeted audience, auto-notify Page followers when our event goes live, and easily leverage the replay to continue getting views and engagement.
This is a huge step for content creators and marketers to increase their following on linkedin.


LinkedIn advertising expenditure has increased over the years. But it still remains the best social media for professional connections and B2B targeting. LinkedIn has levelled up & you can read about it here.

The benefit of LinkedIn advertising is the unique business minded audience that can be targeted through job titles. This makes the targeting accurate and the leads better. The ROI is great on LinkedIn ads  if they are structured well.

The choice can be quite complicated as LinkedIn advertising can be confusing. Therefore, contact us and our  team of professional LinkedIn marketing experts can help you achieve your marketing goals. Alternatively, you can read more about our Social media advertising services.

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