Social Media Training: Before you jump in the pool

Social media training

Social Media Training

What you need to think about before you jump in the social media pool!

Social media has surpassed every other form of communication (including phone and email) as the first place consumers would turn if they had a problem with a product/service. It’s never been more important for companies to provide social media training to their employees. Social media training helps ensure they have the right tools at their disposal, an up-to-date strategy, and the required skills to make the most out of social media.

When you consider that 71% of people who had a positive social media experience with your brand said they would be more likely to recommend the brand to others, providing quality customer service on social media just makes good business sense. Social media as a form of customer service will be crucial for businesses because not only do users find it convenient, but it’s also a good way for them to stay connected 24/7. (Smart Insights)

Most business owners and managers of SME’s are struggling to get their head around what’s available and more to the point what’s relevant and what’s not.

I have encountered many business owners who have come across a well-meaning friend or consultant who doesn’t have a business background and they are paying the price for not adhering to the old adage, “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Social media training: before you jump in the pool

Social Media should be approached as seriously as any other financial business investment.

At a minimum, before you start creating or posting start with a PLAN

Have you done your SWOT and PEST analysis?

What is your customer demographic and who are you trying to target?

Australians are huge Social Media Consumers think about the way you engage those customers. Check out the latest statistics as of April 2020 from Social Media News Australia.

Do some surveys work out what they are interested in and what they are not.

Social media training: before you jump in the pool

Do not hand over your brand

It doesn’t matter how good a social media agency or consultant is they are not you, they are not going to know what you know about your products, services or customers. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with outsourcing the grunt work but be involved in the planning and content creation and make sure you are paying attention to what’s happening on your accounts and more importantly make sure you are replying to customers when it’s needed. Globally, over a third of social media users expect brands to respond to concerns within 30 minutes. (Smart Insights)


That is the number one mistake businesses make they “Set and Forget” customers do not respond well to stonewalling you are entering their world and their space so when they comment they expect some acknowledgement and if they are complaining then the best thing you can do is give them a considered and professional reply. DO NOT DELETE complaints it is an opportunity to showcase how you resolve those complaints.


The best thing you can do for your business is to train your staff members in effective negotiation techniques and Assertion techniques coupled with Clear complaint resolution guidelines that translate across all mediums from face to face to online.


At Digital Marketing AOK we provide bespoke training for businesses and their staff on all of the above. That’s the beauty of having an agency working with you with a comprehensive business management and performance background that coupled with our training industry background means that you are placing your staff and your business in good hands we believe that the best social media solution with an agency involves us getting to know you your business and your key stakeholders as well as possible and working with you to create a cohesive end to end solution for your business.


For details and to have a chat, please contact us here, send an email, or give us a call on 1300 658 543.

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Simone is co-founder and Senior Principal Solutions Architect of Digital Marketing AOK. Simone offers over 17 years in corporate management roles encompassing generalist HR recruitment and development of small to large teams across multiple sites, industry sectors and states. Experienced in a variety of social media platforms and their complimentary applications, social media strategy, risk management, disaster recovery and associated HR policies and processes.