Creating the Creative: Facebook Advertising

Creating the Creative: Facebook Advertising

There are currently over 15 million active users within Facebook’s vast community in Australia alone (Source: This large audience creates endless potential for businesses who utilise digital advertising.

Keeping that in mind, how do you create creative that cuts through to your specified audience and produces results when there is so much noise?

Quality, eye-catching material is what will get you results.

Just like any other form of digital advertising, Facebook’s advertising options are subject to rules and regulations, determined by both their algorithm and creative common sense. Things like amount of text, colour choices, static images/video content, and audience are all things that creator’s need to consider when implementing a campaign.

Here are the 4 things you need to keep an eye on when Creating the Creative: Facebook Advertising


Amount of Text

Up until recently, advertisers were only able to cover their image with a maximum of 20% text. This rule was implemented in an attempt to cut down ‘newsfeed noise’, and to help Facebook’s algorithm prioritise which stories to display in your feed.




The whole point of advertising is to get people looking at your message; typically, the posts that are bright, interesting and colourful tend to catch our eye first. If an image is full of text and messaging, it will not perform well with users.

Keeping this in mind, when creating your ad content, ensure that you keep your text and messaging short. The more succinct your messaging, the more likely the user will understand and determine whether it appeals to their interest.


Colour Choices

It’s no secret that there is psychology in colour use; this is a crucial element when designing your advertising creative.

When it comes to Facebook, there is one golden rule: DO NOT USE BLUE. In a platform that is almost 100% coloured in some shade of blue, it is advised that you pick any other colour that falls into your branding spectrum within your advertisements. The user’s eye will be attracted to colours that are in contrast to the elements found on the social site.

The below graphic can help you determine which colour will convey a subliminal message that aligns with your branding guidelines.

Credit: The Logo Company
Credit: The Logo Company

Static Images or Video?

Then comes the tough decision of choosing either images or video content to run with your advertisement.

Video creates movement, whether it’s a slideshow or short clip, it’s going to attract the eye of the viewer. I always say, if you can afford to create quality video content (or do it on the cheap here) – then you should go for it.


Save Your Money - Video Tools for Small Budgets


To Stock or not to Stock?

Stock images are great at ensuring you don’t inadvertently infringe any copyright laws, but they can leave your advertisements feeling a little fake. Where you can allow the budget and time, take your own photos and create your own content- it will produce a more convincing and authentic advertisement that’s more likely to get clicked.



With these elements and tips in mind, you can create eye-catching promotional material suitable for any digital campaign.  If you’d like some professional advice or guidance with your social media advertising, give us a call!  Contact Us


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